Family Tree Software


You can record your family tree relationship with this simple program up to thousands of records.

Application needs to Windows 95/98/NT/00/XP/Vista operating system. English and Turkish languages are selectable.

SECERE Family Tree Program on CD which includes roots and pictures is a nice gift for relations.
Registration is not neccesary for each CD copy.

You may convert Family Tree Data to html, uni, rtf, txt format files.

3.00 and upper versions uses GedCom (*.ged) data files and Secere Data Files are applicable with (mostly) all other Family Tree Softwares.

Mean of Secere is Tree in Arabic language and Family Tree in Turkish language..

Do you want to create a Family Tree on your own site ?
As My Family Treee ...
You may prepare a Family Tree on yor site by using Secere Web system (Free).
You only need a GedCom file for your Family Tree.

Do you want to have a online FamTree file on web ?

SECERE WEB (Free but only Turkish)